The Union – 365 Days (free album download)

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Right click -> Save target as… on the photo to download the album.

Hello, my name is Marvin Sayson and I’m giving away this album for free. It contains stories I once shared with people, and now I want to share them with everyone. These are the stories that kept me sane; and their lifespans, their collective resonance is undefeated.

Now the reason why I’m releasing these songs for free is because I want to collaborate with you. Acoustic music has always been known to me as a canvas for collaborative movement; anyone can do anything with it so easily. But the challenge at hand for this one is far more interesting and quite heavy than the normal remix. Remember the album Do You Trust Your Friends? by Stars? I kinda wanna do something like that, only I’ll still be on the record. So download this stuff now and tell me what you think you can contribute. I will shoulder as much expenses as I can with recording costs, etc.

I’m leaving the country soon, and this has been one of my dreams ever since. Make it come true by participating! You can also help by spreading the word.

For more information, please contact or 🙂


Ang Playlist Ng Mga Sawi

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Ang Playlist Ng Mga Sawi
My tribute to tragic Philippine music. Okay maybe it’s not that tragic, but it’s sad anyway. And of course, last two songs = resolve. I always have to have one.
(Download it here)

1. Parokya ni Edgar – Halaga
2. Itchyworms – Beer
3. Sponge Cola – Jeepney
4. Mayonnaise – Bakit Pt. 2
5. cambio – Corporate Attire
6. Sugarfree – Mariposa
7. Paramita – Hiling
8. Imago – Akap
9. Moonstar 88 – Migraine
10. Pitik – 6-1-6
11. Soapdish – Tensionado
12. Narda – Meron Ba
13. Sandwich – Masilungan
14. Eraserheads – Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka
15. Rivermaya – Imposible

Presentation of Contemporary Philippine Music

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My paper + creative project won Outstanding Thesis in our department, so I presented it to an audience yesterday. Turned out really well! This is for those who missed it.

As long as every wall is threatened, the world can happen.

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“Yes, and I love the trite mythos of the outlaw. I love the self-conscious romanticism of the outlaw. I love the black wardrobe of the outlaw. I love the fey smile of the outlaw. I love the tequila of the outlaw and the beans of the outlaw. I love the way respectable men sneer and say ‘outlaw.’ I love the way young women palpitate and say ‘outlaw.’ The outlaw boat sails against the flow, and I love it. Outlaws toilet where badgers toilet, and I love it. All outlaws are photogenic, and I love that. ‘When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free’: that’s a graffito seen in Anacortes and I love that. There are outlaw maps that lead to outlaw treasures, and I love those maps especially. Unwilling to wait for mankind to improve, the outlaw lives as if hat day were here, and I love that most of all.

“Victim? Your letter reminded the Woodpecker that he is a Woodpecker blessed. Your sympathies for my loneliness, tension, and disturbing fluctuations in identity have some basis in fact and are humbly appreciated. But do not be misled. I am the happiest man in America. In my bartender’s pockets I still carry, out of habit, wooden matches. As long as there are matches, there will be fuses. As long as there are fuses, no walls are safe. As long as every wall is threatened, the world can happen. Outlaws are can openers in the supermarket of life.”

-Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins

The AMP Recital Playlist: ’90s Alternative

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Click on the link to download the .zip file.

Songs (in any order):
1. Weezer – Buddy Holly
2. Third Eye Blind – Motorcycle Drive-By
3. Tonic – You Wanted More
4. Filter – Take A Picture
5. Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon
6. Three Doors Down – If I Could Be Like That
7. Rage Against The Machine – Guerilla Radio
8. Matchbox Twenty – Last Beautiful Girl
9. Fuel – Shimmer
10. Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box
11. Collective Soul – No More No Less
12. Silverchair – Miss You Love
13. Creed – Higher
14. Radiohead – Just
15. Mr. Big – To Be With You
16. U2 – Mysterious Ways
17. Dave Matthews Band – Where Are You Going?
18. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Under The Bridge
19. Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonaise
20. Neve – It’s Over Now

If you like this playlist, I’m 100% sure you’ll LOVE The AMP Recital: Back In The Day!

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