September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

i wonder how the ocean feels like
after a storm. making a transfer
of its body, rising to the air feeling high
then falling to the world

i don’t think she knows what she
lands on. i don’t know if she knows
that she makes us sad. does she feel
like a fool after saturday night? or
does she feel beautiful?

my mother once told me that everyone
carries an ocean inside. she wasn’t lying;
i knew this when i saw you cry.


September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

i don’t think father time got to complete his
rounds today; and skipped on necessary
houses such as yours and mine.

he forgot to give us two weeks notice regarding
the delay of hearts to heal; how ironic
for daylight savings time not in his command

but when spring arrives later than usual the
fall season tends to sprawl out of father time’s
four-post bed. caress us with your dear dead leaves.

all this is not helping; i do miss everything
back home where there is only sunshine or rain.

Confessions Of A Wildcard: A Deathly Card Game

September 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

There are two principal players in this card game. The third player is added midway. One of them gets eliminated in the process of random selection. But as we all know, randomness is an act of God.

Each player draws seven cards. Whoever has the most hearts within the seven cards goes first. In the event of a tie, the one with the most spades goes first.

By the first round, it is realized by both players that Complication trumps Possibility. But, Confrontation trumps Complication. Chance trumps all three. Chance is the force that keeps this game in motion. Chance determines the distance between one player’s hand to another. Chance determines the number of hearts acquired by both parties. Chance determines whether or not both parties are willing to give in.

Geographical Distance, as determined by the number of bodies that separates one player from another, trumps Nearness. The concept of Nearness, however, is not isolated on Intimacy. It includes the amount of time spent by two players drinking wine, and contemplating upon a crucial, betraying kiss. In-game Geographical Distance may affect the frame of Nearness. In fact, it may effectively ruin the emotional set-up of the whole game.

Players of this game have also been struggling to insert a Pause card in the rules, in hopes for cigarette breaks. Sadly, it has been stated clearly by the forefathers of this game (known as the Wildcards) that there will be no vices, for the game itself is a vice. In effect, players have been displaying the following symptoms: insomnia, fidgeting out of anger, shortness of breath, indigestion, cold bones, and tired hearts.

If the two players have decided to add a third player, such circumstance allows for a new rule. 3AM trumps the denial of a Drunken Phone Call. Meaning, anything can happen with the involvement of the number three. Any time any player draws a card with the number three on it, at the hour of three, they are allowed to smoke a cigarette, or dial either of the two for good luck: a.) A Leprechaun, or b.) Lady Luck herself. The Wildcards prefer the latter.

The object of this game is to eliminate the player without either an Ace of Hearts, or an Ace of Spades, when the drawing sequence is over. Queen of Hearts trumps the King of Spades (although in some cases the tides can turn and the argument may be lost in indecision), and Ace of Hearts and Ace of Spades are the two most powerful cards in a deck. Out of the three players, whoever possesses the Jack is a Joker, and whoever possesses numbers alone is alone.

This card game takes one year to play, and two months to forget.

This card game is a deathly exercise of Chance and Distance. Whoever loses, loses to Disappearance.

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