October 11, 2010 § Leave a comment


October 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

My dear Adam,

It has come to this point. Our mother land has to face the great divide. The scholars are calling the partitions “islands.” I find it disturbingly romantic, how this bedrock has created little sons and daughters. I wonder how we, the people, will be drafted. I wonder if you and I will ever be the same again after today.

I wonder what kind of changes this life can bring to us. Right now nature wants everyone to part ways. In a matter of time, could we be given wings to fly? How about iron lungs to swim infinitely and explore what lies beneath? More hands to increase our ability to work? And of course, our ability to love.

I keep on treading on thin ice. The sun reflects its teary eyes, setting on an innocent earth. I don’t think it meant for this to happen; for people to fall apart.  But the moon says, the absence of light in our lives is good, once in a while. Like when you went away, in search for dry ground. I missed you, but I also missed feeling like a child, alone in the Antarctic.

I am writing this to you, dear, so that you will remember. So that if either one of us is relocated to the edge of the world, you will remember. And if you go there, and find out that it is where hope goes to die, these words will stay alive.

If because of this great divide, this language we are speaking decides to die, read this letter to know that I am with you. I am with you in finding new ways to love.


October 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

they said on tv, that ghosts
are made of electromagnetic energy.
then why is it that i don’t feel anything;
not even static when i see an ex-lover?
her presence is only made
of dead roses and fading letters from
a storm.

i don’t see why my friends, they say
that ghosts are enemies. when they’ve
taught the human race what happens
when the race stops and how
nobody really wins first place-

but the roads these ghosts traveled
are decorated with withered leaves, that were once
alive and in bloom. like their bodies,
like their hearts, and like their
electric spirits; which make your 3am more exciting;
making you feel alive.

in the morning now, while waiting
for lectures on skeletons, literature, and history
never forget that an ex-lover, like
a ghost, and the lessons you’ve learned,
is just at the back of your mind
stroking your hair and bones
teaching you how to deal with loss
whispering old secrets about the world and yourself
to your heart.

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